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Obstacle Race - Obstacle Training - Adventure Events Urban Attack puts on amazing events, known for our own challenging and unique races we also provide obstacle set ups and event services to other obstacle races, corporates and charities. Urban Attack has a wealth of experience, years of expertise, outstanding obstacles and a great team that delivers. Urban Attack is led by ex-SAS celebrity TV Trainer Rob Edmond, so as you would expect most things Urban Attack does is quite special. Three years ago Urban Attack introduced the biggest indoor stadium obstacle racing out there, a lot has happened since, don't miss out on the new Urban Attack adventures and our partner events.


OCR Training & Fitness Fest - Wellingore

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Putting on some of the most exciting obstacle racing partner events. Urban Attack doesn't just put on their own races but provides our special obstacles and event services to other races - from 50 to 5,000. Having worked with many organisations and big names to enable them to put on their own private and public race events. Urban Attack is used to working on highly sensitive sites both indoor and outdoor, from city centres, to international sporting stadiums, so if you want it somewhere, Urban Attack can normally make it happen. Urban Attack covers the UK as well as international options.


Event Entry Questions: FAQ - What do I need to bring on event day? A. You MUST bring yourself :-) and trainers with suitable clothing for the training / racing. FAQ - If I have any questions who should I contact? A. If the website doesn╩╝t answer your question please send a message through the contact page and we will be able to help. FAQ - How do I get race numbers, guides, detailed info for my event / race or training day? A. Once registered you will receive updates leading up to the race, including guides and rules. On race day registration you will pick up your identification numbers and other goodies. Our Facebook page is normally the quickest way to see up dates. Bespoke Event Enquiries: FAQ - Can I have my own private obstacle race? A. Yes, get in touch we have done events for very small groups up to several thousand. FAQ - Can you white label your obstacles to re-brand for a specific organisation? A. Yes, get in touch we can re-brand them to fit with a particular event. FAQ - What type of obstacles are there? A. Full suite of exciting and challenging obstacles including Ninja Wall, Vertical Rope Climbs, Cargo Net Climbs, Monkey Bars, that are all adaptable to the size of the event. They are designed to be quick to move over and prevent any queues. One or two of the signature obstacles can be made harder or easier, so to fit with the event. FAQ - Can you put your obstacles anywhere? A. Generally yes, they are designed to be highly mobile, fast to set up and de-rig. Urban Attack has already had them in all kinds of places. FAQ - What is the age restriction for racers? A. Depends on the particular event.


Please contact us here for all enquires including, media and sponsorship opportunities.

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